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About Power Chiropractic Clinic

When you’re in pain, you don’t want to feel dismissed or just handed a prescription. At Power Chiropractic Clinic, we take the time to listen to you, validate your concerns, and then provide compassionate, customized care that gets great results. We want to help each patient live a better life, regardless of age, current physical condition or lifestyle habits.

Expanding Our Practice

In addition to our primary practice in Batesville, which Dr. Mary Power originally opened in 1996, we also have a second location in Russellville and a third location in Sheridan. Power Chiropractic Clinic also serves patients from East End.

Get to Know Your Sheridan Chiropractor

Dr. Jolee Higginbotham has known Dr. Mary since she was a teenager. Dr. Jolee and Dr. Mary’s son were in high school rodeo together and shared a passion for horses. “I had a conversation with Dr. Jolee when she was 15 years old. She decided then that she wanted to go to chiropractic school to become a chiropractor.”

Dr. Mary has kept in contact with Dr. Jolee throughout her entire journey, and is delighted that Dr. Jolee will serve the community where she grew up.
Meet Dr. Jolee

Providing Loving Service

When Dr. Mary decided to bring other doctors into her practice, she looked at more than just credentials. “What I look for in that doctor is the right intent. You can find a very educated, intelligent doctor, and a great adjuster. However, what you want is someone that is not only a great adjuster, but also a great communicator, and tie that in with a great intent—someone who wants to serve,” said Dr. Mary.

Dr. Mary and Dr. Jolee serve from the heart and always provide loving service to every patient we see. They want to help you along your journey to optimal health and wellness.

A Focus on Community Involvement

It’s our hope that those in the community will look to Power Chiropractic Clinic as a valuable resource. From sharing referrals with other businesses to providing sponsorship or volunteering our time and resources, we want to be active in helping those in the communities we serve.

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