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Meet Dr. Jolee Higginbotham

Dr. Jolee HeadshotDr. Jolee’s introduction to chiropractic was at 15, while participating in high school rodeo, along with Dr. Power’s son. Dr. Power was also at the rodeo, and was adjusting people and horses. “I have scoliosis and had her adjust me.”

Getting adjusted has helped Dr. Jolee tremendously. Chiropractic adjustments allow her to breathe easier and function better. In addition to experiencing the benefits of chiropractic care, she also liked the fact that being a chiropractor like Dr. Power would allow her to have a good work-life balance.

So Dr. Jolee knew at that young age of 15 that she would become a chiropractor.

Education and Achievements

After earning her bachelor’s from Southern Arkansas University, Dr. Jolee attended Parker University in Dallas. She graduated in April 2022 with her Doctor of Chiropractic.

While at Parker, she received a Clinical Excellence Award for her class. She also enjoyed her clinic time. Dr. Jolee witnessed patients, who came from the surrounding area, get great results. “That experience solidified that my schooling was being put to use and I was where I was supposed to be.”

Dr. Jolee plans to get certified in the Webster Technique and is certified in animal chiropractic as well.

Joining the Power Chiropractic Clinic Team

During her last semester of chiropractic college, Dr. Jolee did a preceptorship at our practice’s Batesville office. She feels fortunate to now be part of the team and work in Sheridan, to serve the community she loves so much.

Helping Patients of All Ages

At Power Chiropractic Clinic, Dr. Jolee enjoys caring for patients of all ages, from babies to seniors, and everyone in between. She also sees athletes and active patients who want to perform at their best.

In addition to adjusting patients, Dr. Jolee likes the rehab part of care, teaching patients how to properly move and stretch, so they can function properly.

It’s rewarding for Dr. Jolee to help patients, as she’s been helped, through natural chiropractic care.
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In Her Spare Time

When she’s not at the practice, Dr. Jolee enjoys spending time with great friends and her close-knit family. She likes going to the gym and is also still involved in rodeo.

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